Texten verifierad av Borås Klätterklubb

Parking is only allowed on the small stretch of road that lies between thee manure well (gödselbrunn) and the ”big” road. Park in a row and as far to the side as possible, do not block other cars. It´s absolutely forbidden to park on the gravel road that leads down to the cliff!

Please respect this so that we can continue to climb the beautiful cliffs.

The nest that you pass between Östväggen and Stora väggen is a raven’s nest, according to the bird watchers we have been in contact with and our observations. It is possible to pass here but avoid staying in close proximity to the nest during the breeding season.

Remember to show consideration, so that others can experience nature on the same terms as you!
– There may be local rules and agreements for this climbing area. It is your responsibility to keep up to date.
– Always be nice and considerate to nearby residents, landowners and others who move in the area.
– Keep a low noise level.
– Clean up your own and others’ rubbish.
– If you have to go to the toilet in the woods, be sure to bury feces.
– Dogs must be on a leash during the period 1 March – 20 August. The dog must also be kept under surveillance at other times, so that it does not disturb wildlife or other visitors.

Have a great day in Brunn!